Garnet Sand

  • Garnet Sand

    Garnet sand is widely used in water jet cutting and widely used in sand/gritblasting. Garbet sand particles are dense, sharp, hard and free of toxic and heavy metals. Garnet sand permits 5-8 times recycling and relatively high density ensures fast blasting speed.

    Sand Blasting Grade

    Size of 20/40, 20/60 and 30/60 are recommended for blast cleaning applications

    Natural hardness results in high peformance during blasting

    Intrinsic physical and chemical uniformity ensures superior performance

    Water Filteration

    12/40 size of garnet sand is widely used in variety of water filteration process from industrial waste water treatment to commercial water filteration. Garnet sand is used widely for elimination of heavy minerals. It is the most cost effective product for water filteration beds.


    Water Jet Cutting:

    Micro grains of Gernet sand of sizes 80 and 120 for most suitable for water jet cutting media in industrial purpose. Grains size uniformity, hardness, results in cutting edge quality with optimum efficiency and low use cost resulting in high and optimum functional efficiencies .

    Abrasive papers

    Garnet sand is the most used and suitable product for manufacturing of abrasive papers with low cost of production and high quality of papers.


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