Quartz use in ceramic industries

  • Quartz Powder

    Quartz is used in ceramic industry to reduce shrinkage in drying and firing and to impart rigidity to the body. Iron is most deleterious constitute and it should be as less as possible if Fe2O3 is more than 0.1% dot will form on the ceramic body and in the case of electrical insulator current mat pass. Most of the major ceramic units in the country consume high silica quartz with low iron content. In general silica should be 97 - 99.9% Fe2O3: 0.05% to 1%, Al2O3: 0.1% - 2%..

    Our Quartz powder/Granules specifications

    high content of SiO2 99% and above.

    Fe2O3: below 0.04 % (Depending upon the grade of quartz)

    Mesh Sizes: 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh and above etc, we can manufacture as per the requirement

    Grain Sizes: 0.1mm to 8.0 mm

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