Quartz use in Foundary industries

  • Quartz Powder

    High silica sand for use in foundries is different from that used in glass and refractory industries. Sand for foundry purpose should have well-developed grading, preferred shape and size, besides meeting the requirements of chemical composition. Sand should be essentially free from mica content. The grain size, shape and its distributions ultimately affect the moulding characteristics of the sand mixture. This standard covers the requirements for both nature and crushed sands..

    Silica powder is a good refractory material for moulding work. It is used particularly in the steel foundry in dressing for moulds and cores and also for adding to moulding sand mixtures.

    Silica flour is used to obtain elevated temperature strength, high density and resistance in metal crushing, washing and grading the high-grade quartz, partite rocks or from white silica sand or other deposits sufficiently pure to get the desired material.

    Our Quartz powder/Granules specifications

    high content of SiO2 99% and above.

    Fe2O3: below 0.04 % (Depending upon the grade of quartz)

    Mesh Sizes: 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh and above etc, we can manufacture as per the requirement

    Grain Sizes: 0.1mm to 8.0 mm

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