Acidic Ramming Mass Specifications from TMM India

  • Acidic Ramming Mass

    Acidic Ramming Mass, also known as Silica Ramming Mass or Mix, is used in Coreless Induction Furnaces, for melting of scrap. High performance Silica Ramming Mixes (also known as Acidic Ramming Mass in generic terms), designed to minimize erosion in induction melting.

    Silica ramming mass can safely be used up to an operating temperature of 1700°C it expands very little so it is superior to both alumina and magnesia to resist thermal shocks. TMM India focuses on quality of silica ramming mass by providing particle size distribution to an optimum level, according to the furnace capacity and make,giving a high density, trouble free and consistent linings..

    Material for Ramming from TMM India

    We manufacture finest quallity of grains and powder of both quartzite and quartz for use in preperation of ramming mass, We are manufacturing these grains with strict quality adherance to provide best results.

    Quartz and Quartzite grain sizes: 12-24, 16-32, 20-40, 30-50, 30-70, 40-70

    Quartz and quartzite powder mesh size: 80-200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh and above

    Clients can contact us for requirement of grains and powder for Ramming Mass.


    Grades of Acidic Ramming Mass as per furnance

    Grain Size: : 4 Mesh (BSS) (6 mm) and finer

    Material Required: : 134 lbs. Per cubic foot (2.30 g/cm3

    Installation Method: : Dry Ram or vibrate

    Heat Set by : Sinter @ 200 F/HR (111 C/HR) Hold @ 2912° F (1600 °C) for one hour Maximum

    Temperature recommended: : Sintering : 1200°C (2192° F)

    Application : 1700°C (3092° F)


    Specifications of Ramming Mass from TMM India

    High content of SiO2 from 99.71%

    LOI: Less then 0.08%

    Fe content: Trace

    Al2O3: 0.09%

    TiO2: Trace

    Lime (CaO): 0.04%

    MgO: 0.02%

    K2O: 0.06%



    Physical Properties of Ramming Mass from TMM India

    Shrinkage: 0.08%

    L* : 97.25

    a*: 0.14

    b*: 1.74

    Whiteness: 93.14

    Temperature: 1212/1218

    Cycle Min. : 50


    Specifications of Ramming mass from TMM India: Check specifications


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