Exports of silica powder and granules

  • Silica powder and granules export

    TMM India is expanding its operation meeting demand of global buyers. We are supplying the products to Russia, Bangladesh South Korea, UAE and other countries meeting demand of global buyers sucessfully.

    We are supply the products to oil companies, whereas our other clients includes Steels industry, Paper industry, chemical industry. Recently we have started exporting to countries like China, South Africa, USA, South America, Canada. Our products quality is mainly giving us advantage over other to enter into export at a faster pace.


    Quality Products from TMM India

    Global buyers Our global buyers includes agents and companies looking for quality products from India. We are supplying the products to companies in UAE, China, Russia, Middle east, South Korea, Signapore etc countries and Europe. We have been working on establishing long term association with our clients in these countries by providing quality product and also meeting their quantity demand on regular basis


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    Contact us at info@tmmindia.com for more details and product inquiry or call us at +918619061727