Quartz use in silicate industry

  • Quartz Powder and Granules

    Sodium silicate is proposed by fusing silica sand or quartz powder (20 - 100 mesh) analyzing 99% SiO2 and less than 0.25%; Al2O3, 0.03% Fe2O3, and combined CaO/MgO content of 0.05% with sodium carbonate at 1200 C to 1400 C. The ratio of Na2O3 can be varied to obtain a wide range of products. Similarly, potassium silicate can be manufacture with silica mineral by using potassium carbonate in place of sodium carbonate.

    Quartz suitable for ferro-silicon production should have more than 98% SiO2, less than 0.4% Al2O3 and not more than 0.2% each of Fe2O3, CaO and MgO. No phosphorous or arsenic should be present in quartz. If affects reduction in the electric furnace

    Quartz specifications

    High content of SiO2 99.8% .

    Fe2O3: below 0.002 %

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