Best Quality Silica Grain and powder

  • Best Quality Silica powder and granules

    TMM India maintains highest standards of quality control starting from mining to final delivery of product to client. Over the period we have sucessfully met the demand of quality from our international buyers. We provide lab testing report with each lot of supply from accredited testing lab in India.

    Our quality process starts from initial analysis of mineral deposit at the site of mining. Once the process of extraction of mineral starts, we main quality checks so that we get the mineral of same quality specification. The lumps are checked randomly for any impurities and then the mineral is sent for further processing.


    Quality Products from TMM India

    Our quality standards help us meet any quality specification from clients. We also get the product tested at various steps from Government approved testing labs to provide a confirmation of inhouse quality checks. Our products meet highest standard of quality control. Our quality control process includes following procedure to provide best quality confirmed product to clients: Inlet Quality check - process inspection - product inspection - appointed inspection by customer - load and delivery. At each stage we keep follow strict quality control procedures. Since we have our own mines of the products our quality control procedures make us a very trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier of minerals and mineral products.


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