Silica(Quartz) Powder

  • Quartz/Silica Powder

    TMM India is manufacturing and exporting Quartz powder in different grades for various Industrial uses. TMM is manufacturing Grade A quartz powder with high brightness of around 98% and high whiteness of 95% plus with confirmation of product quality through Rasin test in all the lots produced.

    TMM is also manufacturing Grade B and Grade Super Quartz powder for industries like paint Industry, Cement Industry, ceremic industry, coating Industry etc. We specilize in manufacturing quartz powder as per the clients specifications. Our Quartz powder is widely used in cement Industries for concrete slab manufacturing.



    Sizes & Grade

  • Quartz Powder Mesh Size Color & Whiteness Sio2 (Purity) Fe2O3 Resin Test
    Grade-I 200, 300, 325, 400 and 500 Mesh 95%-97% 99.5% min 0.01% Yes
    Grade-II 200, 300, 325, 400 and 500 91%-93% 99.1% min 0.01-0.02% Yes
    Grade-III 150, 200, 325 85%-89% 98%-99.1% 0.02-0.04% N.A.

    Our Silica(Quartz) Powder Specifications Grade A

    Sio2 99.45% Firing Whiteness 97%
    FeO3 0.009% L- value 97.75%
    Al2O3 0.187% Fired Temperature 1220
    K2O 0.094%    
    Na2O 0.083% LOI 0.109
    CaO 0.029%    
    MgO 0.015%    


    Packing - 50 kg new pp bags with Inner lining, 1 ton Jumbo bags with inner lining, 1.45 MT Jumbo bags with inner lining.

    Supply period - Supply will be made to clients in stipulated time as confirmed by the client after receiving confirmed purchase Order


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