Mining Resources

  • Mining Resources

    TMM India has best mining resources of finest quality of quartz, quartzite and Natural silica sand in different parts of Rajasthan, India. Our resources produce best quality of quartz lumps. We are using latest equipments supported by geologiest to excavate best quartz material from mines and provide the clients only quality products.

    The demand of quartz is increasing as companies are now focuing more on the quality of products. Inorder to fullfil the growing demand of quartz material TMM India has processing and procurement agreement with more then 20 mines in the same lcoations where best quality quartz is produced, this process of contract procurement has helped us achieve best quality confirmation of quartz and accordingly meeting our clients demand sucessfully.


    Mining Resources

    Our mining resources are located in Kekri, Bhilwara, Rajasmand, Udaipur. Whereas we have procurement agreements with mines in Udaipur, Gangapur, Ashind, Fathenagar etc which is considered the best belt for best quality deposits of quartz in the world..


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