Quartz use in Glass Industry

  • Quartz/Silica Powder and Granules

    The physical specifications of silica sand specifies that silica sand shall be fairly free from contamination like clay material, pebbles and other extraneous matter. The sand should not contain more than 4% moisture..

    The natural silica sand is the most preferred material in a glass industry, but in some cases where the glass plants are located far away from silica deposits, crushed quartz is also used. For use in glass industry the silica sand must be uniform in chemical composition, size and shape of grains. Uniform grain size, promotes even melting in the glass tank. The sand should not be coarser than 20 or 30 mesh nor finer than 100 to 120 mesh.

    Silica sand usually contains small amounts of iron oxide, alumina, chromium, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, potassium oxide because it imparts coloration to the glass. The common permissible limits of iron oxide in silica sand for use in the manufacture of different types of glass should be from 0.005 to 0.7% depending upon the grade of glass manufactured.

    Our Quartz (Silica) Specifications

    high content of SiO2 99.8% and above.

    Sizes: 30/50, 30/80

    Fe2O3 content: 0.002-0.008%

    Al2O3: nil or maximum upto .05%

    No contimination


    Specification of Natural Silica:

    high content of SiO2 99%.

    Sizes: 30/50, 30/80

    Fe2O3 content: 0.04%

    Al2O3: nil or maximum upto .005%

    Triple washed

    No contimination


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