Details and Specification of Quartz use in water filteration

  • Quartz/Silica Granules

    Quartz granules are used for water filteration: BIS specification (IS: 8419 - 1977 The particle diameter shall correspond to 10% finer on the grain size curve. The uniformity coefficient ratio shall be D60/D10 where D60 is the particles diameter corresponding to 60% finer on the grain size curve and D10 is the particle diameter corresponding to 10% finer on the grain size curve.

    Our quartz granules specifications:

    high content of SiO2 from 99.5% to 99.9% best suitable for water filteration

    Sizes: 03-06mm, 0.6-1.2mm and 1.2-2.5 mm (Mesh Size from 8-16, 16-32 and 26-40)

    Low Fe content upto 0.04%

    Natural silica sand for water filteration also available with size from 0.6-2.5mm and above

    Quartz specifications suitable for use in water filteration industries

    FILTER SAND: Rounded grains are preferred to angular one for the removal of turbidity. It shall consist of hard and durable grains of silica sand and shall have a specific gravity not less than 2.5. The minimum SiO2content shall be 95% and above and impurities like clay, silt, etc. shall not exceed more than 2% by volume.

    FILTER GRANULES: It shall consist of hard and preferably rounded stones with an average specific gravity of not less than 2.5. It shall be free from clay, sand, loan and organic impurities. It shall contain not more than 2% by mass of thin, flat or elongated pieces determined by hand picking. The acid solubility for gravel sizes 10mm or larger should not exceed 10%, and for sizes smaller than 10mm it should be less than 5%. Gravel should be free from excessive amount of limestone and shall.

    Speification of Quartz granules:

    Sio2 above 98%

    Fe2O3: Should be around 0.04% or below

    Other trace elements: should be below 1.0%

    No trace elements or contimination like clay, sand etc


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